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Rise Shave CreamRise shave cream is all about its quality and remarkable history. Trusted for over 60 years. Rise continues to bring it's unique scent and formula to all. History is still in the making.

A Classic, Legendary Shaving Cream - Rise Up!

This classic, legendary shaving cream brand has been reborn with enriched formulas for both regular and sensitive skins. The incredible moist lather will achieve a close shave comfortably, luxuriously, without irritation, and of course all with the Rise unique fragrance.

Three Generations of Men Shaving

Three Generations of Fun, Luxurious Shaving

This iconic shave cream family was first unveiled more than 60 years ago by Carter Wallace and has the distinction of providing amazing results for at least three generations of both men and women.  Thanks to its extreme high moisture content, the product proved to be highly effective.

The rich moist lather afforded men of all ages comfortable, luxurious shaving, while protecting their skin against irritation, cuts and nicks. To address all your needs, the Rise shave cream is specially formulated for both sensitive and regular skin, and the Rise fragrance is one of a kind.

A Shaving Cream with Legendary Moisture

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